•    18-19 September 2013 – The companies hosted an Information and training on Preventing Malaria at local health center in Botumsakor, Koh Kong


•    16 September 2013 – cooperate with Wild Aid at Suwannapaitong village in Kandal, Botumsakor Koh Kong by trucking soil to use in orchards 


•    14 September 2013 – Use company’s crane truck to rescue ambulance that fell off the road in Sre Amble. 


•    July 2013 – Company representative gave scholarships to student of Kongcha School. 


•    July 2013 – Representatives from KPT and KSI attended Buddhist ceremony at Kongcha Temple, donating 800 bricks to build temple and also builded Buddha sculpture


•    January 2013 – Representative from KSI and KPT attended the opening of new school building at Bann Priamkrob School, Sre Amble, Koh Kong that was supported by KPT and Maluptaoang Institution



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