Community Care

  • Policy
      Employees are our most important asset. They are the key to our companies’ success. Hence, KSI and KPT are determined to strengthen our  employees’ the knowledge and skills, crafting good work ethic, encouraging team work, and creating a safe and amicable work environment.
The companies provide equal opportunities to all our employees without discrimination to race, nationality, religious beliefs, gender, age, or marital status. We also believe in treating our employees with respect and courtesy
  • Facilities
         - Employee Housing
           Employee housing area is located near the front entrance to the factory. There is a 24 hour security guard to ensure the safety of all our employees.
-    Dining Area
-    Sport Ground
  • CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy
     The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy of KSI and KPT is intended to create lasting benefits to the communities and people surrounding the concession area. The companies will try to combine donation, volunteer work, participation of local authorities and community members in their CSR activities to ensure that each CSR activity contributes to building a sustainable growth and development of the surrounding community. 
-    CSR Activities, Photos, and VDO Link 
           o    Activities in 2014
           o    Activities in 2013
           o    Activities in 2012

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