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KPT and KSI hosted a meeting on July 28-29,2015 in Bangkok, Thailand to further discuss our agreement to resolve land dispute

KSI and KPT sent Land Dispute Report to Thai Minister Counsellor for Commercial Affairs in Cambodia

KSI and KPT representatives met with representatives from the Ad-Hoc Inter-Ministerial (Cambodian – EU) Committee

KSI and KPT representatives participated in a meeting held in Bangkok to discuss with villagers representatives and their advisor

March 5-6, 2015 – Joint GPS walk with representative from CLEC Representatives of KST and KPT conducted a joint-GPS walk with representatives of villagers and CLEC to determine the concession borders.

January 5, 2015 – KSI-KPT gave monetary assistance to 19 families KSI and KPT provide monetary assistance to 19 families of villagers affected by our concession at the amount of 2000 USD/ family.

onated money to build housing for Buddhist monks and school building and supplies to Kongcha Temple, Kongcha Village, Sre Amble, Koh Kong.

ceremony with villagers of Trapeng Kandal along with donation

Road improvement into the community in cooperation with Wild Aid

Campaign to Plant Trees and Reduce Global Warming with locals

of new mosque with local villagers and authorities

at Bann Priamkrob School, Sre Amble, Koh Kong that was supported by KPT and Maluptaoang Institution

at Kongcha Temple, donating 800 bricks to build temple and also builded Buddha sculpture

Use company’s crane truck to rescue ambulance that fell off the road in Sre Amble.

at Suwannapaitong village in Kandal, Botumsakor Koh Kong by trucking soil to use in orchards

an Information and training on Preventing Malaria at local health center in Botumsakor, Koh Kong

fuel and celebrated the opening of temple canteen at Kongcha Temple, Sre Amble, Koh Kong

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