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Koh Kong Sugar Industry Co., Ltd (KSI) and Koh Kong Plantation Co., Ltd (KPT) are sugar mill and sugar cane plantation companies located in Koh Kong Province, Cambodia.  The two companies are joint ventures of Thai sugar miller, Khon Kaen Sugar Industry Public Company Limited (KSL) (80%), and Taiwanese food and beverage company, Ve Vong Corporation (20%). 

KSI and KPT received lawful economic land concession from the Cambodian Government on August 2, 2006 and started to develop the land for
cane cultivation towards the end of the same year. In late 2009, the companies were able to mark their first season of sugar production. To date, the companies employ over 800 staff during high season (Cambodian  92%, Thai & Others 8%) and provide assistance to cane growers in the area surrounding the concession. Through contract farming, cane growers can obtain financial and technical assistance on cane growing from the companies.

KSI and KPT are committed to building a sustainable business.  The companies cultivated about 50% of the concession area while leaving the forest intact. There is an emphasis on reducing the use of chemical fertilizer and increasing the application of organic fertilizer to improve soil condition. Additionally, an effective system for waste water treatment has been put in place to ensure safety of the community and the environment. Last, but not least, the companies are engaging with the communities through their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs  that aim to develop the surrounding communities and their infrastructure such as roads, bridges, schools, and temples. The companies believe that through its sound management practice and corporate social responsibility efforts, they can create sustainable growth and prosperity for all their stakeholders.

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